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Church Staff

Tabernacle of Praise Deliverance Center

Tabernacle of Praise Deliverance Center Inc. welcomes you to come experience the outpouring of the Holy Ghost with Leadership of Our Highly  Called and Gifted Ministry team of men and women. Praying for your every need, reaching healing for the hurting, deliverance for the oppressed, and loosing shackles from those with generational curses to be made free in the Power of His great name. We help lead you to accept Jesus as your Personal savior, Believing Everybody is Somebody In Christ Jesus. Our team wants to help you find and accept your calling and grow in the Five Fold Ministry.

Executive Team

Susan & Clint

Susan L. Tankersley - Sr. Pastor Clinton. Tankersley - Pastor

Sr. Pastor and Founder, Susan L. Tankersley: Has been Called By God to reach the Hurting, the oppressed and Highly anointed. She received the Baptism of The Holy Ghost in 1990 and Knew That God had Called her to do a great Work in the Ministry Field. She is a Loving and Caring Pastor, Wife, Mother and Grandmother. Devoted and Compassionate about the fullness growing in Gods Children. She established Tabernacle of Praise Deliverance Center in 1993 with a great vision to see Healing, Deliverance, and continue seeing Miracles take place. She is a Lady who's goal is to teach Gods Word to the lost and to see those who are bound set free. Seeing the God given dreams and Visions come to pass.

Sr. Pastor Clinton Tankersley: Being called First By God chose to fully support and back the vision and dreams of His Wife Susan in The Ministry of Tabernacle of Praise Deliverance Center. He is always supportive and willing to stand where Many Men have never chose to stand. He is a Huge Part of the Pastoral Team and Overseeing of the Ministry. He is a devoted Pastor, Husband, Father and Now Grand Father. Seeing the Vision of the Church come to pass.

Ashley Tankersley: Gifted and called by God into the Ministry is a devoted and dedicated Member of the Staff. She has been Our Praise and Worship Leader since 2001, and also serves on the Pastoral Team. She is Highly gifted and anointed to lead in song and music and is also a called evangelist having a great desire to see the lost set free.

Andrea Tankersley-Springfield: A Gifted and talented leader in our pastoral team, as well as our Praise and Worship Team has served in the vision and the Ministry of the church from Day One. She has been called to Preach the Word of the Lord and Gifted to sing and Play instruments to the Lord. She is also a Great Visionary of the overseeing and the work of the church.



Left to right: Ashley Tankersley - Praise and Worship Leader , Clinton. Tankersley - Pastor, Susan L. Tankersley - Sr. Pastor, Andrea Tankersley-Springfield - Pastoral staff & Praise & Worship.